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We love a good cigar, and when it comes to unique smoking experiences, Candela cigars are in a league of their own.


With their vibrant green wrappers and distinct flavor profile, these cigars have intrigued connoisseurs for decades.


In this review, we dive into the history of Candela cigars, explore their unique characteristics, and share our top picks for you to enjoy.


So sit back, light up, and join us on this flavorful journey through the world of Candela cigars.


The History of Candela Cigars


Candela cigars have a rich history, dating back to the early 20th century. The origins of candela wrapper can be traced back to the Connecticut River Valley in the United States. It is believed that this unique green wrapper was first developed by accident when tobacco leaves were exposed to excessive sunlight during curing. This process resulted in a greenish hue on the leaves, giving birth to what we now know as candela wrapper.


Initially, candela cigars were not widely popular due to their unconventional appearance and distinct flavor profile. However, over time, they gained recognition among cigar enthusiasts for their mellow and smooth smoking experience. The evolution of candela cigars saw them being embraced by smokers who preferred a lighter smoke with subtle flavors.


In the mid-20th century, candela cigars experienced a surge in popularity. They became especially sought after in the American market where they were often associated with celebrations like St. Patrick’s Day due to their distinctive green color. Their popularity continued well into the 1960s and 1970s before declining as smokers started favoring darker wrappers.


Transitioning into the subsequent section about the unique characteristics of candela wrapper, it is fascinating to delve into its distinctive qualities that make it stand out among other wrappers without taking another step.


The Unique Characteristics of Candela Wrapper


The unique characteristics of a Candela wrapper can be seen in its distinct green color and light, grassy flavor. This wrapper is made by picking mature tobacco leaves and immediately drying them in the sun or using heat. The process involves quickly heating the leaves to halt the chlorophyll breakdown, resulting in the signature green hue. The vibrant shade sets Candela cigars apart from others in the market.


Not only does the Candela wrapper bring visual appeal, but it also offers several benefits when used in other cigar blends. The mild and smooth nature of this wrapper allows for a balanced smoking experience, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a milder flavor profile. In addition, its unique flavor profile pairs well with other tobaccos, allowing blenders to create complex and diverse cigar blends.


The creation of Candela wrappers has a significant impact on flavor due to its curing process. By rapidly drying the tobacco leaves, the natural sugars are preserved, resulting in a sweet and grassy taste that is characteristic of this wrapper. The shorter fermentation period also contributes to its distinct flavors.


Transition: Moving on from discussing the process of creating Candela wrappers and their impact on flavor, let’s delve into their overall flavor profile and smoking experience without missing any details.


Flavor Profile and Smoking Experience


If you’re looking for a milder smoking experience with a unique flavor profile, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the smoothness and grassy taste of Candela wrappers. Cigar enthusiasts have long praised the distinct qualities of Candela cigars, making them a favorite among aficionados who appreciate their subtle yet satisfying flavors.


Candela wrappers are known for their vibrant green hue, which is achieved through a unique fermentation process that preserves the chlorophyll content in the tobacco leaves. This process not only gives Candela cigars their signature appearance but also contributes to their distinctive flavor profile. When compared to other wrapper types such as maduro or Connecticut shade, candela cigars offer a refreshing change of pace.


The flavor of candela cigars can best be described as mild and crisp, with hints of grassiness and herbal notes. The green wrapper imparts a natural sweetness to the smoke, creating an enjoyable smoking experience that is perfect for those seeking a lighter alternative. While some may find the taste unusual at first, it quickly grows on you, becoming an acquired pleasure cherished by cigar enthusiasts.


In comparison to other wrapper types, candela cigars stand out for their unique characteristics. Unlike dark maduro wrappers that provide rich and bold flavors or Connecticut shade wrappers known for their smoothness and creaminess, candela wrappers offer a lighter and more nuanced smoking experience. They provide an excellent choice for outdoor activities or daytime enjoyment when you want something flavorful but less overpowering.


With our knowledge about the flavor profile and smoking experience offered by candela wrappers now established let’s explore some popular options available in this category while expanding our understanding even further.


Popular Candela Cigar Options


When it comes to popular options in the world of candela cigars, you’ll find a variety of brands and sizes to choose from. Candela cigars, also known as ‘green’ or ‘double claro’ cigars, have a unique appearance due to their vibrant green wrapper. This distinct color is achieved by quickly drying the tobacco leaves after picking, resulting in a milder flavor and a smooth smoking experience.


There are several notable candela cigar brands that offer exceptional quality and taste. One such brand is Camacho, which produces a range of candela-wrapped cigars known for their rich flavors and excellent construction. Another highly regarded brand is La Flor Dominicana, which offers handcrafted candela cigars with complex flavors that satisfy even the most discerning palates.


Pairing your candela cigar with the right beverage can greatly enhance your smoking experience. For those who prefer whiskey or bourbon, consider pairing your cigar with a smoky single malt scotch or a full-bodied bourbon with hints of caramel and vanilla. If you’re more inclined towards rum or cognac, opt for aged varieties that offer notes of oak and spice.


Tips for Choosing and Enjoying Candela Cigars


To enhance your enjoyment of candela cigars, consider exploring different flavor profiles and experimenting with various drink pairings. When it comes to choosing the right candela cigar for beginners, there are a few key factors to consider. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most out of your candela cigar experience:


– Strength: Candela cigars typically have a milder strength compared to other types of cigars. This makes them an excellent choice for beginners who may be new to smoking. Look for cigars labeled as ‘mild’ or ‘medium’ strength to start off with.


– Flavor Profiles: Candela wrappers offer a unique flavor profile with hints of grassiness, herbal notes, and sometimes even sweetness. It’s important to explore different brands and blends to find the one that suits your palate best. Consider trying cigars from reputable manufacturers known for their quality candelas.


When it comes to enhancing the enjoyment of candela cigars, pairing them with complementary beverages can elevate the overall experience. Here are some drink pairings that go well with candelas:


– Whiskey or Bourbon: The rich flavors of whiskey or bourbon can complement the subtle grassy notes in candela cigars, creating a harmonious balance between the two.


– Coffee: A cup of freshly brewed coffee can provide a contrasting flavor profile that enhances the nuances of a candela cigar. Experiment with different roasts and brewing methods to find your perfect pairing.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do candela cigars get their unique green color?

Candela cigars get their unique green color through a special fermentation process. The leaves are harvested and immediately dried in the shade to preserve their natural chlorophyll content. This method dates back to the 19th century, adding to the rich history of candela cigars.


Can candela cigars be aged like other cigars?

Candela cigars can be aged like other cigars, but their aging process differs due to the unique green wrapper. This aging enhances the flavor characteristics and allows the blend to develop a smoother and more nuanced profile over time.


Are candela cigars more mild or full-bodied in terms of strength?

Candela cigars are generally more mild in terms of strength compared to maduro cigars. While they can be aged like other cigars, their aging potential is not as significant due to the unique curing process that gives them their distinct green wrapper.


How does the flavor profile of candela cigars compare to other wrapper types?

Comparing flavor profiles, candela cigars offer a unique grassy and herbal taste compared to the rich and robust flavors of maduro wrappers. Candela cigars have limited aging potential but can be enhanced with drink pairings for a well-rounded smoking experience.


Are there any specific pairings or drinks that are recommended to enhance the enjoyment of candela cigars?

Recommended pairings for candela cigars include light-bodied drinks such as white wine, champagne, or a crisp gin and tonic. These beverages complement the subtle flavors of candela wrappers without overpowering them, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the smoking experience.




In conclusion, we’ve taken a delightful journey exploring the world of Candela cigars.


From their fascinating history to their distinctive green wrapper, these gems offer a smoking experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.


With an array of flavors and options to choose from, it’s no wonder why Candela cigars have gained popularity among enthusiasts.


So next time you’re looking for a cigar that will transport you to new heights of enjoyment, consider indulging in the unique allure of Candela cigars.


You won’t be disappointed!


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